Monday, 26 September 2011

17 Magnetized nail polish

A while ago, I watched a video posted on YouTube by Boots. It featured their upcoming Magnetized nail polish, and I immediately knew I would be buying it as soon as it was released. You can see the video here.

The polish is available in purple, green, blue and gunmetal grey.  As I already have a lot of purples and greens, and had purchased a similar grey colour earlier in the day, I decided to go for the blue.

It's a really nice shimmery blue, with a hint of purple, and it's actually a colour I would choose even if it wasn't a special one.

The bottle comes with a detachable lid on top of the screw lid with the brush. On top of the detachable part is a magnet, which is where the magic comes in.

For the most effective results, I found it best to apply one thin coat and allow it to completely dry. Then, apply a much thicker coat, and while the polish is still wet, hover the magnet over the nail for around 10 seconds. You have to be careful not to let the magnet touch the polish, but there is a little arc that you rest on your finger to help prevent this.

When finished, you get an amazing instant nail art effect. The magnet causes the polish to get darker in certain areas, making a wave pattern. It also changes direction depending on how you hold the magnet, so you can easily achieve a contrasting effect on each nail.

The formula of the polish is very thick and somewhat gloopy, but I suppose it's necessary to create the best effect possible. 

The lovely blue colour creates an effect akin to ocean waves, and to really appreciate the beauty of it, you need to move your nails around under the light. As far as quick and easily achieved nail art goes, this is my favourite of all I have tried. It's incredibly simple, anyone can do it themselves at home, and at £6 a bottle, it's also really affordable.


  1. I really want to try this. It looks great. Need to look in boots tomorrow! :)

  2. Hi Chantelle

    Did you manage to get hold of a bottle of magnetized nail polish? What did you think of it?