Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lush bath ballistic - Sakura

There are few things in life I enjoy more than the smell of a Lush shop. It’s a special kind of fragrance - the unique mix of all their products. Most of which, I love the smell of. Some I’m not so keen on. But they all mix together into a wonderful ball of wonderfulness.

Sakura is one of my favourite fragrances of all time. It contains mimosa, gardenia and jasmine, as well as orange flower and lemon oil, giving the product an undertone of a citrus fragrance. 
This is one of Lush’s bigger bath bombs at 200g - about the size of a tennis ball, and hence one of the more expensive at £3.25. Seems quite expensive for a one bath product, I know. But their bath bombs are a lovely treat - I normally use one a week when I’m indulging in some ‘me’ time. 
I bought this last weekend, before I had decided to create this blog, and figured I might as well do a review on it. Then I realised it doesn’t really do much in the bath, other than smell nice. Nevertheless, it’s still one of my favourite products, and the lack of colour, glitter etc might actually appeal to some people.
The ballistic itself is really pretty. A white base with flecks of pink and a turquoise blue. There’s also a patch of pink and blue sea salt at one end. 
Despite it’s size, Sakura is really quick to fizz and dissolve away. I suppose the lack of hidden surprises means that there is nothing to slow it down. In the water, it fizzes white and lets off a bit of a creamy foam that feels nice in the water - not at all oily. There’s nothing specific in Sakura to moisturise your skin, but I always feel that bit cleaner and softer when I use a bath ballistic. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you’re not a fan of overly coloured and/or glittery bath products.

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