Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic

I realise I've been a terrible blogger, but I've been ill with pneumonia for two months, and have had no motivation at all to sit down and write a decent post. I'll try to make up for it!

In light of that, this post it a bit late, as it features a Lush Christmas product. And a lovely product it was at that!

A golden present that jingles, and has stars inside. What more could you ask for? I have nothing but good things to say about this, so instead of gushing, I'll just show you what it looks like.

I cannot speak highly enough of this bath bomb, I love love love it.

Christmas beauty haul

This is the first haul I've ever done, and it's only a little one compared to some I've seen floating around! I only had the chance to take iPhone photos, so please excuse the quality. Here goes...

E.L.F. cream blush. I used this today and I really love it. I thought it might have been too pink, but it's just right.

Barry M Nail Effects in Black Magic Crackle.

Lipsy Nighttime Goddess palette.

Nail art kit (Konad rip off, but it's essentially exactly the same).

A glass nail file. I've never used one before, are they any good?

No7 polishes in Violetta, Beautifully Black and Betty Blues. The photos don't do these colours justice, so I'll post swatches when I get around to wearing them. Betty Blues is particularly gorgeous.

OPI polishes in Green-wich Village and Dating a Royal. I love both these colours, particularly DaR. They're creme colours, which is great, because I do tend to go for more shimmery polishes.

E.L.F. Beauty School 32 piece eyeshadow palette Volume 1. I used this today also, and I love it. The photos make the colours look quite pink, but in actual fact, there is a great mix of creams, browns and blacks. Ranging from very light to very dark, and from completely matte to very shimmery/glittery. There are even a couple matte colours which have glitter in them. Gorgeous.

On top of these lovely gifts, I was completely spoiled by my amazing friend Matt with these presents:

A Lush gift set. The name escapes me at the moment and I feel stupid. I'll edit when I remember ha.

A set of nail art brushes.

My very first MAC lipstick! It's in Patisserie, and I think it might have just become my favourite lipstick.

And Chanel's Peridot nail polish. I seriously would have been happy if this was the only present I got!

Also, not pictured, my mum gave me a set of mini glitter nail polishes from Claire's, a nice 17 blue nail polish and a set of make up brushes.

I'm so grateful to my friends and family for such lovely things.

What was your favourite gift this Christmas?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

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