Saturday, 10 March 2012

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As you can tell, I'm really awful at updating this blog. I'm much better (though still not brilliant!) at updating my Tumblr, so I've decided to just stick to that one.

You can find it here. Hope to see you over there!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Revlon meets OPI

I love a bargain. That's kind of the point in this blog, right? So when I was in Poundland and I saw a Revlon nail polish, I knew I would be buying it. It was Emerald City, the first matte nail polish I've ever bought. I've had my eye on them for a while, so it was perfect.

This was a rush job, so it's only one coat, and it's an iPhone photo, but you get the idea. I LOVE the colour. I'm a sucker for green polish, and this one perfectly matches an eyeliner I have AND a cardigan I got for Christmas. Win win. But, the texture of the polish is horrible. It's like having really fine sandpaper on your nails. I didn't know what to do about a top coat. Matte top coat seemed unnecessary - what's the point in buying a matte nail polish if you're going to put a matte top coat on anyway? And other than that, I've only got a really shiny one, which would mean it wasn't matte any more. Oh, the dilemma. In the end, I just left it because I couldn't cope with the stress.

On to more bargains. Before Christmas, I ordered Rainbow Connection for my friend in Australia. The Ebay shop I bought it from argued with me over sending it to an alternative address (even though it was through Paypal), and in the end they refunded me, and I bought it from another shop.

The day after using the Revlon polish, I went back to work after a long break due to Christmas and being off sick with pneumonia. There was a package waiting for me. Confused, I opened it, and found a bottle of Rainbow Connection from the original people I bought it from. Yay for free nail polish!

So, not wanting to join the exclusive club of people who have spent hours applying and removing this beautiful glitter, I thought I would just add a relatively thick coat over the green I already had on.

Again, iPhone photo. I'm a slacker, sorry. BUT, I really love it, and now I want to apply Rainbow Connection over every single polish I own to see what it looks like. I have yet to take it off though, so that might change my mind.